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Swanee special (Chatanim Package)

Swanee special (Chatanim Package)

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The Swanee Special Sale (Chatanim package):

Enhance your Chattan's library with Hacham Ovadia Yosef Sefarim. Build a foundation that lasts a lifetime. Get the complete collection (51 Sefarim) for only $900. Limited time offer.

The sets included are:

  • Hazon Ovadia (19 volume)
  • Yabia Omer (12 volume)
  • Yechave Da'at (4 volume)
  • Halichot Olam (8 volume) 
  • Taharat Habait (3 volume)
  • Anaf Etz Avot
  • Kizur Shulchan Aruch Hazon Ovadia (4 volume)
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